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I teach a variety of classes on the North Shore at my favourite studios. Group classes can be wonderful as they are motivating, social and more affordable than personal or small group settings. It's brilliant that a trend in the fitness world continues to be the openings of small, boutique studios offering fantastic teachers, gorgeous settings and in some of them- a wonderful community.

Here is where you can find me teaching currently;

Mondays at 7pm-  'Connect' at Sweat Vancity. Pilates based hour of core control, balance, and strength suitable for all levels.

Tuesdays at 545am and 7am- 'Enduro' and 'Sweat TRX' at Sweat Vancity. 55 minutes long of both TRX and Cardio in this purpose built studio. Effects and benefits of TRX are phenomenal.

Tuesdays at 915am- 'Total body conditioning' at Hollyburn. Fast paced, full body sculpting, cardio, and pilates hour.

Tuesdays at 1015am- 'Barre Fusion' at Hollyburn. My personal fusion barre class at this members only country club. 

Tuesdays at 12pm- 'Enduro Connect' at Sweat Vancity. Cardio blast on their intense machines, followed by a Pilates based Mat strength and balance class. 

Wednesdays at 730pm- 'Triple Sweat' at Distrikt Movement. My take on a barre class. This is a sweaty, fun and challenging class at arguably the best community at a fitness studio on the North Shore if not Vancouver.

Thursdays at 10am- 'Floor Barre' at Y Yoga Park Royal. Very dynamic Pilates and Barre fusion class.

Thursdays at 12pm- 'Sweat TRX' at Sweat Vancity. Classic TRX class with 2 sets of Cardio on their intense machines.

Sundays at 1130am- 'Pilates' at Distrikt Movement. Pilates class with my own style that is slightly more dynamic. This class is open to all levels and really focuses on posture, core control and breathing.

Sundays at 130pm- Sculpt at Yoga Park Royal. One hour of full body, mat based strength, full body workout. Incorporating free weights, pilates and some cardio.

Hope to see you in class and please hit me up if you have any questions about what class might be suitable for you. xxS