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It's ok to eat what?

It's ok to eat what?

It's ok to eat what?

Balance is key, folks.

Exercise is very important especially if it's the good quality, sweat inducing, muscle- pumping kind. It will improve your balance, strength, increase muscle mass, your cardiovascular system... just to name a few benefits. However, I am a firm believer that we are what we eat; what we put into our mouths on a daily basis has the greatest influence on how we look, feel and how much we weigh.

I personally believe it is more complicated than just calories in vs. calories out and there can be many factors at work that decide what size we are. Saying all of that and without getting too technical or being too obsessed with food and calories what do I recommend my clients eat???....whole foods, real food. Not too much, but without starving or completely stripping out all of the fun/bad stuff. I truly believe that if you get as much fresh whole foods into your gob daily, that you will crowd out the bad stuff. I eat very well most of the time. If I want to quantify it, probably 75% of my meals are excellent and well-rounded, made from scratch and mostly plant based. The rest of the time, I'm having a beer or 3 (my brother owns the best craft brewery in Vancouver, so it's a family thing!!). Or I'm having a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie my daughter and I made. I don't deprive myself, but I won't eat the whole tray of the either, and that night for dinner I'll probably make a huge salad to balance it all out.

Balance: it's truly the key, friends. Those clients that take on this approach tend to do better in the long run and simply be happier. So, of course try a 30- day detox or juice cleanse, eat 100% vegan* and raw this spring, or cut out alcohol if you feel it will help give you a healthy boost. But, if you find yourself shedding some pounds and then yo-yoing your way back up to gain more no matter how much exercise you do, maybe it's time to try a slower more balanced approach next time.

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*I love vegans and have much respect those people who choose to eat this way because of health reasons, love for animals or for the planet.