• Sarah_02
  • #balancewins

    Sarah’s love of movement and exercise stemmed from many years of dance training, followed by a professional career in London, England where she had moved over to study and work.

    From the moment Sarah became a personal trainer, it just felt so right. She was cruising around Hyde Park on her bike (backpack laden with free weights, medicine balls, and as much gear as she could carry!!) zipping from homes in Chelsea and Knightsbridge to Hyde Park. Sarah quickly made a name for her self and was so incredibly happy to inspire her clients to live a healthier life. A love of travel, as well as a keen curiosity for different types of movement helps her expand her knowledge and means that her style of training and class is an amazing hybrid of effective, safe and energetic movements.

    Her career (and life with her Aussie husband) then took her to Perth where she built a thriving freelance business in a completely new city and became an Ambassador for lululemon. She studied and became a qualified Pilates instructor which means that she can train you hard, but knows how to do so while maintaining amazing form and perfect posture in a safe but effective way. She also has qualifications in teaching barre classes, power plate, massage therapy and injury prevention.

    Sarah has two little kids and an absolute passion for pre- and postnatal training. She has gone through it all and knows how to keep mamas to be motivated to stay well throughout the entire process and beyond. She wants moms to stay active with their little ones and therefore inspire them to love their bodies and move for the sake of joy and fun.

    She wants to instil in her clients the same sense of balance Sarah feels she has achieved: a love for wellness in a balanced and non- intimidating way. Nothing flashy or gimmicky, just a craving for that feeling post- workout where you feel so proud of what you’re just done- so alive and well that you then want treat your body to good food, rest, sunshine. Have fun and enjoy life and know that whatever happens today won’t undo the good, hard work you’ve put into your health. Balance wins in the end.